About Geoffrey Campbell

With a background in graphic art, I have been selling my work via various art and craft markets for a number of years.

Influences and Inspirations

Although I reside in a far-flung corner of the earth (Melbourne, Australia), the influence of American popular culture has been pervasive. For good or bad, many of my ideas are triggered by recollections of the television, films and music that infiltrated my youth, much of which emanated from the United States.

Australia had no significant film industry, American and British shows were the TV staples, so there was little to reflect the culture (or lack thereof) that I was growing up in. There was, however, a healthy, vigorous local music industry and that is the prism through which I view much of 1960s and 70s Australia.

My influences are numerous, but what excites me most are the works of mid-century Australian artists: Clarice Beckett, Sidney Nolan, Albert Tucker, Joy Hester, Arthur Boyd, John Perceval, John Brack, Fred Williams, Charles Blackman, Leonard French, Clifton Pugh, John Coburn, Robert Jacks, Brett Whiteley, Martin Sharp, and latterly, Howard Arkley and Jeffrey Smart.

You can find my blog here melbournemodernistblog where I discuss a number of the illustrated subjects.